R1-LLC-LogoWelcome to R1, LLC™ • Home to a number of premiere products, parts and services from multiple high-quality and trusted suppliers (all in a safe and secure online environment provided and warrantied by RapidSSL):

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(1) Ryan Gibson Music, LLC™ is a music production and video recording company featuring singer, songwriter, producer, performer, musician and recording artist Ryan Gibson;

(2) Lucas Lucas, LLC™ is a service company featuring Nevada LLC and corporate formation together with other services and support;

(3) R1, LLC SCOOTER C.A.T.™ is a fully authorized exclusive Nevada dealer for the all new Scooter C.A.T.™ +3 (Compact Adult Tricycle), the electric scooter that will get you moving efficiently, economically, quietly, safely and with loads of fun and excitement. With speeds up to 16-mph and a maximum range of up to 25-miles per charge, the Scooter C.A.T. +3 is the new personal electric transportation/personal mobility device of choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-ride, earth-friendly alternative to cars and/or other gas-powered vehicles.

We carry a full-line of scooters and accessories to insure that your purchase is a satisfying experience. Our service and support, before and after purchase, are second to none. We look forward to being of service in support of all of your personal mobility device needs, and to help you take your mobility back; and

(4) TEAM5™ offers a full-line of premiere poker related products and services.

Again, welcome to R1, LLC™ where our overriding goal is to exceed expectation, and to never disappoint.

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