What Do I Get When I Have Lucas Lucas, LLC Design My Business Logo?

LOGO DESIGN: LUCAS LUCAS, LLC Logo Creation for business branding, business cards, letterhead, advertisements, flyers or website graphic design/display. In most cases the design process requires a number of iterations in order to come up with a finished design/product.

The more specific that you can be as to a number of critical factors (on the front-end); the shorter the time frame and the fewer number of iterations required to reach exactly what you are looking for.

Please consider the following six factors:

(1)   The specific graphic elements or images that you would like to include in your graphic design (logo);

(2)   Any specific graphic elements or images would you like to AVOID in your graphic design (logo);

(3)   Specific colors, or combinations of colors, that you would like your graphic design to include or exclude;

(4)   Please provide a brief business description of your company and its mission in a format that will allow the designer to gain a sense of your company that he can translate graphically. This assists the designer in creating a logo that complements your business;

(5)   Please provide any references of specific logos that you like or find graphically pleasing, so that your designer can get a sense of your creative tastes; and

(6)   If you have any specific ideas or graphic concepts in mind that you would like to use as a starting point, no matter how rough (sketches are very helpful), please email them to: R1LLC.com@Outlook.com

We work diligently with you in order to come up with a finished product that you find pleasing and that your customers will find exciting.

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