What Is Lucas Lucas, LLC™?

Lucas Lucas, LLC™ is a service company featuring Nevada LLC and corporate formation together with other services and support:

Nevada LLC Formation Includes: Articles of Organization & Initial List of Managers + Required Filing Fees.

Initial Consultation Includes: Initial and Image Consultation – Hourly Rate (Initial Consultation – $49.95)

Nevada Business License + Filing Fee Includes: Completing the necessary paperwork for a Nevada State Business License, including all associated costs and fees.

Nevada Resident Agent + Filing Fees Includes: Add/Change Nevada Resident Agent plus any associate/required costs and filing fees.

5,000 Business Cards – Internet Special: Your order includes a box of 5,000 standard-sized (14pt.), full-color glossy business cards in your choice of single or double-sided format (priced separately) (please specify).

PLEASE SELECT/SPECIFY: Available in single-sided or double-sided full-color glossy format (priced separately) (1-hour of basic layout and design services included) (additional assistance, up to and including complete logo design is available separately – please see LOGO CREATION & CUSTOM GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES).

PLEASE SELECT: Available in single-sided or double-sided, full-color glossy, matte finish, or any format combination of either front & back (single & double sided priced separately; please specify) (glossy, matte finish or any combination of either front & back is available at no additional charge).

  • $125 Single-sided
  • $150 Double-sided

LOGO DESIGN: LUCAS LUCAS, LLC Logo Creation for business branding, business cards, letterhead, advertisements, flyers or website graphic design/display. In most cases the design process requires a number of iterations in order to come up with a finished design/product.

The more specific that you can be as to a number of critical factors (on the front-end); the shorter the time frame and the fewer number of iterations required to reach exactly what you are looking for.

Please consider the following six factors:

(1)   The specific graphic elements or images that you would like to include in your graphic design (logo);

(2)   Any specific graphic elements or images would you like to AVOID in your graphic design (logo);

(3)   Specific colors, or combinations of colors, that you would like your graphic design to include or exclude;

(4)   Please provide a brief business description of your company and its mission in a format that will allow the designer to gain a sense of your company that he can translate graphically. This assists the designer in creating a logo that complements your business;

(5)   Please provide any references of specific logos that you like or find graphically pleasing, so that your designer can get a sense of your creative tastes; and

(6)   If you have any specific ideas or graphic concepts in mind that you would like to use as a starting point, no matter how rough (sketches are very helpful), please email them to: R1LLC.com@Outlook.com

We work diligently with you in order to come up with a finished product that you find pleasing and that your customers will find exciting.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Lucas Lucas, LLC is not a law firm; nor is it a substitute for an attorney or a law firm. The law is complex and changes often. The subject matter contained herein provides general information and it is presented strictly for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of sound legal advice. For legal advice, please seek competent legal counsel (ask or engage a lawyer/attorney). Nothing contained herein should be deemed or construed to be legal advice, or take the place of sound legal and financial counsel. After considering the products offered and/or the subject matter contained herein, it is always best to seek sage legal and financial advice prior to undertaking any asset protection strategy.


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