Custom Graphic Design Services (Business Cards)

Custom Graphic Design Services (Business Cards)



PRICE: By-the-Hour ($75/hourly)









DESCRIPTION: Custom graphic design services are available at an hourly rate of $75/Hour.


CUSTOM ARTWORK: The first hour of custom artwork design assistance is included in most packages at no additional charge. Design work exceeding the first hour is available separately at $75/hour).


Premium design software is employed to create and design business cards that are uniquely your own [Adobe Illustrator (AI CS6), Adobe InDesign (AID CS6), Adobe Photoshop (PS CS6), etc.]. Every effort is made to insure that your message is conveyed in the most professional and aesthetically pleasing manner possible.


We utilize the highest quality premium professional design software, inks and card stock. We also create stunning graphic images for the front & back of your business cards and letterhead, making them uniquely your own.



Our Internet special includes printing 5,000 business cards at a special low Internet price (1-hour of basic layout and design services included) (additional assistance, up to and including complete logo design is available here separately and under LOGO CREATION).


PLEASE SELECT: Available in single-sided or double-sided, full-color glossy, matte finish, or any format combination of either front & back (single & double sided priced separately; please specify) (glossy, matte finish or any combination of either front & back is available at no additional charge) .

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