Website Design & Hosting (Business Start-up Bundle)

Website Design & Hosting  (Business Start-up Bundle)



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DESCRIPTION: This Website Design & Hosting (Business Start-up Bundle) offers huge savings to the start-up business looking to have a fully-functional robust presence on the Internet with: (1) a first-class business webpage; (2) 4-year secure site SSL certificate; (3) 1st year of secure web hosting (preferred rate of $199/year thereafter); (4) shopping cart; (5) event calendar; (6) FAQ capabilities; (7) Chase Bank Merchant credit card processing; (8) a full set of website policies (proven website privacy; shipping; payment; return, refund & exchange; plus the required legal and copyright notices) (a prerequisite  for approval from the merchant credit card processors), (9) credit card processing with your Smart Phone through SQUARE; (10) custom industry leading sliders (Akkord & Featured) to enhance the overall look; feel and elegance of your website; (11) Norton Safe Web certification; and (12) 1st year of support to craft and finalize your website; plus much more (the major exception to included items in this package is your business logo design and/or corporate formation, which is handled and priced separately; and therefore it is not included in this Business Start-up Bundle) (The Business Start-up Bundle requires the use of the exclusive Lucas Lucas, LLC proven fully customizable website 3-column template/shell with industry leading sliders (which closely resembles the current R1, LLC website).


We listen carefully to exactly what you want and how you would like your business website to look and feel. Once you have expressed all of your thoughts and desires, we offer choices and solid experienced professional advice as to how to maximize your creative vision/genius and produce the best possible result (a business website that is uniquely yours, by design).


The final product is an elegant combination of our proven Business Start-up Bundle/Shell, and your creative vision/genius together with our top-notch technical support (hand holding), every-step-of-the-way (efficiently and professionally).


Please call Rick D. Lucas (775) 443-6507 (c) with questions or concerns at Lucas Lucas, LLC and 'lets get started!







[1] We have a proven elegant webpage and professional slider templates that make the task-at-hand much less daunting and they accelerate the design and implementation process significantly (much fewer things for the new business owner to be concerned about). Our templates allow the new business owner to focus on what is important, and they save valuable time and money!


Our website design and hosting rates are very competitive. This Business Start-up Bundle is unmatched, and the price is unbeatable!


[2] We offer world-class website design, software customization and web hosting through close collaboration with our affiliate, MaxDistro, LLC.

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