8-Piece Ball-End Elastic Fasteners (set Of 4)

8-Piece Ball-End Elastic Fasteners (set of 4)

SKU: R1LLC HFT 47474

WEIGHT: 1.25#

DIMENSIONS: 13"x18"x24"

PRICE: $19.95

These ball-ended elastic cords are perfect for bundling items together or tying down loads in the truck bed. Just thread the ball through the loop and your load is locked in place.



These durable nylon covered elastic cords feature unbreakable ball-ends that keep items bound and secure without fear of breaking. This is a great set of elastic cords for truckers to tie down loads and the home handyman to bundle tools and accessories together.



  • Set includes four 10" fasteners
  • Rugged nylon covers protect elastic
  • Unbreakable thermoplastic ball-ends

HFT 47414 8 Piece Ball-End Elastic Fasteners

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Price: $19.95

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