Set Of 20-10″ Mini-Elastic Stretch Cords

Set of 20-10" Mini-Elastic Stretch Cords (set of 20)


SKU: R1LLC HFT 93672


WEIGHT: 1.0#


DIMENSIONS: 10"x5"x5"


PRICE: $19.95

These polypropylene elastic stretch cords are very useful when you need to tie down or bundle small objects. These handy stretch cords are lightweight and maintain their elasticity. The steel hooks are zinc-plated to resist rust and corrosion.

  • Zinc plated steel hooks
  • Heavy duty fabric covered elastic cords


HFT_93672 - 20Pc. Mini-Stretch Cords

Set of 20each-10" Mini-Elastic Stretch Cords


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Price: $19.95

Shipping: $5.00

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