Beach Beverage Holder

Beach Beverage Holder



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Beach Beverage Holder 3

Beach Beverage Holder

It's safe to say the Great Outdoors are pretty great, but there's just one thing they're missing: cup holders. But that's okay, because we've got an elegant solution to Mother Nature's oversight. Meet the Beach Beverage Holder from Sol Coastal, a fun and festive tulip-shaped cup holder topping a 24" steel stake. Whether you're at the beach, bumming in your backyard, or sitting around a fire pit, just pop down your beverage holder, set it to the precise height you need, tall, short, or in-between, and you're ready to party. Measuring a spacious 2.75" in diameter, each cup holder fits a wide assortment of bottles and cans, and even features a handy hook for signs, scoreboards, game accessories, and more.


AVAILABLE IN 4-COLORS: Red, Blue, Black and Pink. Please select the color that you prefer, followed by the quantity and then select ADD TO CART.

Beach Beverage Holder, Pink 2

Beach Beverage Holder, Pink

Beach Beverage Holder 6

Beach Beverage Holder

Beach Beverage Holder, Black 2

Beach Beverage Holder, Black

Beach Beverage Holder 5

Beach Beverage Holder

Beach Beverage Holder, Blue 2

Beach Beverage Holder, Blue

Beach Beverage Holder 4

Beach Beverage Holder

Beach Beverage Holder, Red 2

Beach Beverage Holder, Red

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