Reclining Indoor/Outdoor Cushioned Folding Poker Chair

Reclining Indoor/Outdoor Cushioned Folding Chair - A Poker Player's Dream Chair


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WEIGHT: 12.0 lbs.

PACKAGE (LxWxH): 20.0" x 20.0" x 12.0"






Tired of sitting on those hard, metal benches at an event or at your kids’ games?  Tired of those uncomfortable poker chairs that most casinos provide? Need to extend your ability to remain seated for the entire event? Want to go deep and take the necessary comfort with you to insure success?



(1) Adjustable back-pack style shoulder straps for easy transport; (2) Adjusts to six positions for a custom fit; (3) Durable, padded, polyester-covered cushioning; (4) Integrated armrests for maximum comfort; (5) Sturdy internal steel frame; (6) Available in assorted colors (Special order: black, royal, red & navy blue); and (7) Small zippered pocket is perfect for keys, cell phones and other small items.


Time to get in the game!


Enjoy your next game, live sporting event or live poker event in supreme comfort with the Reclining Indoor/Outdoor Cushioned Folding Chair - A Poker Player's Dream Chair.


This 'stadium/poker player's dream chair' is easy-to-carry and it fits all wood or metal bleachers / benches. It also fits most casino poker chairs and increases comfort and the ability to play extended sessions (live cash and/or tournament play).




This poker player dream chair is perfect for poker events (extending live cash or tournament play); especially handy for extended play and those grueling tournaments. Reach the 'final table' rested and ready for action with this poker player's dream chair.


Designed by poker players specifically for those that are serious about their game, the ALL-IN-ONE • POKER SEAT CUSHION • BACKPACK CARRY offers convenient portability, as well as unmatched seating comfort (ideal for tournament play or extended sessions at the cash table). The R1, LLC • ALL-IN-ONE • POKER SEAT CUSHION • BACKPACK CARRY easily and effortlessly converts from a backpack to a poker seat cushion (featuring lightweight flexibility with multiple folding positions to suit every situation to provide the extreme comfort required by the most discerning poker player; easy transport via the Back-pack Carry Feature).



  • Soft cushioning; Perfect for poker players and those attending a myriad of indoor and/or outdoor live sporting events;
  • Strong Steel Internal Frame;
  • Made of 900D Polyester;
  • 6-Position Reclining Feature;
  • Adjustable wide width from 14.5” to 20" (accomplished by folding down the armrests for super-wide applications; unfortunately not depicted) (armrests when you need them; super-wide width when you really need it);
  • Folded Dimensions: 32” x 20” x 3.5”;
  • Back-pack Carrying Feature (see depiction below) for ease of transport;
  • Small zippered pocket is perfect for keys, cell phones and other small items; and
  • Approximate Weight: 12.0 lbs.

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