Custom Ceramic 500 Poker Chip Premium Package

Custom Ceramic 500 Poker Chip Premium Package

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WEIGHT: 15.00 lbs.


MINIMUM QUANTITY: 500 Custom Ceramic Poker Chips








DESCRIPTION: Many casinos around the world make use of the ceramic chip because of their high quality. They are much better than composites and most clay composites. Ceramic chips have a textured surface and graphics printed directly on the chips as opposed to an inlay or sticker used on clay chips. Use these high-end poker chips to protect your game from outside chips, or just to impress your friends. There is nothing better than playing with custom professional ceramic poker chips. There is a certain amount of confidence and pride when you stack chips of your own design and slide them to your players. Whether it is a friendly regular game at home, an underground poker room, or maybe you are a tournament director with your own poker league at your local tavern, whatever the case may be, custom ceramic chips are the pinnacle of a complete game. They add the flair and style that you imagine an executive casino game should have.


CUSTOM ARTWORK: The first hour of custom artwork design assistance is included in this package at no additional charge. Design work exceeding the first hour is available separately at $75/hour) (see CUSTOM POKER CHIP GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES).


PREMIUM DESIGN SOFTWARE: Premium design software is employed to create and design your poker chips so that they are uniquely your own [Adobe Illustrator (AI CS6), Adobe InDesign (AID CS6), Adobe Photoshop (PS CS6), etc.]. Every effort is made to insure that your message is conveyed in the most professional and aesthetically pleasing manner possible.


MOST POPULAR CONFIGURATION: You are able to place the custom ceramic image on one, but most often both sides. The most popular configuration is your business logo on one side and contact information on the other. However, you are free to design and customize the custom ceramic poker chip to your exacting specifications.


QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: There is a significant discount for large quantity purchases/orders. This particular chip design is ideal for those looking to customize the chip with their unique image and/or logo (full-size as shown in the 'Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence' chip shown; or inside the traditional chip design borders as shown in the other depictions). Additionally, ceramic chips are very well suited for a poker room or larger home game that is looking to create a unique look and have a large number of chips produced/on-hand. Please call for specific details regarding chip and/or logo design, image sizing and quantity desired.

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